Development Project

The Development & Maintenance Project is an ongoing commitment to the community.  to create more sustainable & accessible facilities.

"We want to offer a modern, well presented, usable facility - both in St. Michael & All Angels and St. Michael's Hall: full of life throughout the week. so we can Share God's Love by Inspiration, Word and Action"


The formal re-ordering proposal for the seating in the Nave following the experiments over 2016 was forwarded to the Chancellor of the diocese in Aug 2017 and awaits his determination.

We are taking the opportunity during this time to repair the structure of the floor, which is in a worse state than we anticipated This repair work is scheduled for early 2019

Sections of work envisaged:

  • Floor
    • Reconstructing the floor as far as possible at a single level making it safer and more accessible for all people. without the holes and rot, we have got used to
  • Carpet
    • Following consultation with the DAC, replace the existing worn blue carpet with grey fleck carpet tiles covering for the floor.
  • Font

    • Re-sighting the font to make it more accessible for baptisms and less of a hazard for other users. (This is a long-term aim)
  • Entrance

    • Creating a welcoming space in the entranceway. Including adding double glazed doors on the outside of the vestibule, and into the church, and double glazing the window openings.
    • This will protect the 2 coffin lids that are significant parts of our buildings listing.
  • Audio system & Vidio Display Equipment.

    • We would like to add new Radio Mics to the new system as the old mics have needed a lot of repairs recently. We have now replaced the AV system with modern amplifiers, mixer, and speakers capable of full range reproduction, and replaced the projector screens that were held together and up with blue-tack and string with high-resolution displays..

  • Seating
    • Selecting and acquiring additional comfortable, lite and storable seating for larger events. (we could do with another 50 matching folding seats) recent trials have proved we can arrange to a seat for 210 people in the Nave and 34 in the chancel, significantly more than previously possible. (and also had space for about 50 people standing)
  • Roof

    • The roof has been successfully repaired.

  • Catering facilities and amenities

    • we are looking to add a catering standard facility under the bell tower, together with storage and 2 additional toilets. This would provide the ability to cater for events after baptisms, weddings, and funerals as well as other church and community events, and reduce the queue at our accessible toilet.
  • St. Michael's Hall

    • The hall has received New fencing, New heating system, Significant work on the electrical system. Its next major project will be a complete refurbishment of the washroom facilities


As always for a small church fellowship funding is an issue and we look for Grants, Bursaries, Legacies as well as the very generous giving of the church family and members of the community. If you hear of sources of funding or are involved in a business that makes charitable donations we would love to hear from you.

At this time we are seeking funding for a protective floor covering, the work on the cafeteria, its hatchway, and new radio mics.


Thank you


History and the plan:

The development team has been instrumental in looking at the options for developing our buildings to best suit the mission and vision of the church. 

The initial vision was presented on Advent Sunday 2012. For a phased project tackling the main problems in manageable chunks

January 2013 saw the launch of the project fundraising.

February 2016 New heating system installed and working.

February 2016 Grant application to the Listed place of worship roof repair fund submitted (Unfortunately this was unsuccessful) Subsequent investigation proved the work required to be much less extensive than envisioned by the architect.

March 2016  Replacement of inefficient and failing halogen lighting with modern, efficient LED lighting on a like for like basis started. (with a saving of 9kW/h of electricity)  - This is almost complete. We are evaluating the placement of lights and seeing if we need some additional units.

December 2016 Formal seating Faculty submitted.

March 2017 - added future vision to the faculty submission.

August 2017 - Seating Awaiting the Chancellor's decision.

December 2018 - The floor repair has become critical, and we have arranged it for early 2019