Messy Church


 Messy Church Logo © Bible Reading Fellowship 2012  Messy Church meets on the second saturdayof the month

   From 4pm to 6pm 

Everyone in the family is invited and welcome to attend and experience a new way of meeting and worshiping God through creativity; fun; celebration; learning; hospitality; and Food regardless of age, ability or status.

We meet in St Michael's Church Hall, Elvaston Lane, DE24 0PU.

messy church messy church

We look forward to meeting you.


What is Messy Church?

Messy Church is exactly what it says.... a different kind  of gathering, where fun, mess and learning are all welcome in equal measure!

Who is Messy Church for?

The short answer is ‘everyone’!  We recognised some time ago that in a busy lifestyle, family time is often squeezed. People told us they would welcome a safe place in Alvaston where families could gather and be together. Messy Church is exactly that, a place where all ages – mums, dads, children, granddad and grandma may come and experience together, a different kind of church, sharing in fun activities that are very often, well.... quite Messy! There is also a time of celebration and we finish by sharing a meal together.

Please come and join us, just come along.

Thanks go to a loyal band of hard working helpers who continue to make the whole experience so much the greater and to everyone who has attended making the sessions worthwhile.