Seder Meal

This years Last Supper will again be on Zoom.

and start at 7pm on Thursday 1st April

Please send a request to join this to
What do I need for the Seder meal?
An Internet connection, and access to this event
Feel free to substitute what you can get if there is a shortage :-
Some candles
8 bowls – fruit or desert bowls are fine for the following :-
Quantities to feed the number at your table.
1 water with Lemon to wash hands in
And a hand towel
1 very Salty water
The ceder plates/lazy susan, or just bowls
1 Beitza A boiled egg
1 Bone A lamb bone
1 Maror bitter herb (Raw Horseradish – or horseradish sauce)
1 Karpas Vegetable (usually parsley)
1 Charoset Mud : see recipe
1 Chazeret Bitter herb – Rocket
Also on a plate in a napkin
3 Matzah bread - (Crackers) wrapped in a napkin on a plate
A wine glass each, and sufficient wine or suitable substitute
A main course – traditionally roast lamb (thus the lamb bone)
Recipie for charoset:
Stewed apple, sprinkle of chopped almonds, Sugar, pinch of cinnamon & some wine vinegar

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