Privacy Policy

Privacy during worship

The area live streamed is restricted to that occupied by service leaders, and people who have signed a consent form. The area which will be seen on a live stream or service recording is explained at the start of most services.

If you have particular conseerns please make them known to a welcomer or service leader before the start of worship who will explain the safe areas and know if either a recording or stream is being provided.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

We do not pass contact details to third parties except as required by law. 

If you want to be excluded from non-statutory record processing, removed from our mailing list, or just want to know what data we hold please contact us,

The data controllers are the incumbent of the parish and the P.C.C. They can be reached on or 01332 571 143.

Public Record

Contents of Wedding, Baptism, Confirmation, Burial and Service registers, are Public Records of fact, and are not subject to the right of Erasure (A.K.A The right to be forgotten).

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