Sharing God's Love

through Inspiration, Word and Action

Having recently reconnected with the commission of Jesus to his disciples we developed this new statement of the vision for how the great commission looks in Alvaston Parish today.

We are now on a journey to see what this means practically to us as an expression of God's Church in this place, and in the community.

We see our development project as part of the way we will address providing tools for God's mission, but it is a means and not the end in itself.

Asm part of regular review, We were given word to deepen our time listening to God, and to press ahead with putting the message on-line. Our first atempt at online worship was the 17th Marvh, the week before the closing of the churches. We are planning a celebration for Pentacost Sunday!

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Page last updated: 14th April 2020 9:30 AM