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All Christians Together

South East Derby

All Christians Together South East Derby began as organisation representing Christian from many church fellowships in the general area of Alvaston and Allenton, about three miles south east from Derby City centre. The organisation was originaly Alvaston Christians together, and with the addition of fellowships in Allenton in now officialy All Christians together - South East Derby.

We have recently added a third Sunday of the month worship together in addition to the summer Sundays at 6. See the ACT facebook group for details

In addition to worshiping together in the summer, and in the public arena at major festivals it is instrumental in providing:

Foodbank,  & Debt Advice  in the greater Alvaston Area

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Our Mission Statement

We recognise our fundamental unity in God, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, and our calling to advance The Kingdom of God.



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